Black Salon Culture Elevated, BSCE

Are Your Ready to Transform Your Salon Experience?

Yes, TRANSFORM your salon experience!    

I mean creating a salon environment that invites your dream clients to feel relaxed & right at home as soon walk in.

Offering transformational services that enhance you & Your client’s mindset, energy, hair & overall wellbeing.

Less stress in your day because you’re offering services that bring you joy & fulfillment🙏🏾

I’m talking about...... elevating your income so that you can afford to pay ALLLLL your expenses & pay yourself a full salary ( AND with Paid Vacations & Sick Days too).🙌🏾💲🤑
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How to " WOW" your potential new clients with your first impression-
The Consultation

My name is Tracey Dabney, Owner & Haircare Specialist at Dabney & Company “Where Hair Meets Therapy” ™️. My mission is to provide healing, therapeutic & elevating salon experiences for women with natural hair.  My clients experience inspiration, relaxation & beautification at every visit because of my unique approach to beauty services. I use mediation, aromatherapy, and healthy hair techniques to make my client feel like a celebrity in the Penthouse Suite receiving first class treatment. Offering elevated beauty services that transforms my client’s appearance & their well-being has allowed me the opportunity to attract & retain my dream clients, charge my worth, generate $100,000 (in 2020 & 2021) only working only 4 for days a week & with 2 months of PAID VACATION (YESSSSSSS🙌🏾).  Let me show you the way! 


My upcoming class "The Art of a Perfect Consultation" will teach you:

The Purpose of a Consultation

Setting the Atmosphere & Aromatherapy

Your Introduction

Hair & Scalp Assessment

Creating A Hair Plan

Pricing & Payments

Securing the Appointment  

Retail Therapy


You will leave this class with the tools (Ebook, downloadable forms & pdfs) to charge confidently for your Consultations.