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About Tracey Dabney


 Natural Haircare Specialist & Educator

St. Louis native, Owner of Dabney & Company & Stylist for 19 years. My mission was to create a salon environment for clients to feel relaxed, inspired and pampered. I gained a reputation throughout the city as one of the top Natural Hair Stylist.


I’m a Natural Haircare Specialist with a focus on aromatherapy, curly textures & hair color. My unique TATS service allows me the opportunity to tap into my client’s energy, which helps me individualize each service. Relieving some stress, inviting peace to their day, shifting their energy to positivity & recreating a reflection they love to see.  My mission is to help clients emerge more beautifully in every way.

In November 2020, I launched my own haircare products which includes TATS Luxury Hair Mask & TATS Beauty Oil.   The Mask is curated with oils that help with dry, itchy & flaky scalp. It can also help to moisturize & strengthen damaged hair. The beauty oil is the perfect product to compliment the mask. It will soothe the scalp & skin to seal in moisture. Now you can have my aromatic & spa-like experience in the privacy of your home while you strengthen your hair.


 March 2022, I followed the whispers of GOD by closing my salon, relocating to Nashville and pursuing my dreams to become an Independent Educator.  Giving birth to my vision Black Salon Culture Elevated, BSCE.


BSCE is created to cultivate stylists with in-depth training in consultations, color, textures, aromatherapy & meditation practices to provide a transformative salon experience.

Our classes will enhance all stylists with the necessary tools & mindset training to care for ethnic hair so that every curly client they service emerges more beautifully.

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