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a 7-Day Devotional to unlock your true beauty

The Beauty Inside You

Discover the power of affirmations and unlock the beauty inside you with our inspiring and beautiful 7- Day Devotional. Dive into a world of self-love and empowerment as you explore the transformative journey of embracing your true natural beauty. 



I wrote this devotional to help inspire women to see the beauty within. Even though I was raised in a family that demonstrated and vocalized how beautiful I was there were times when I didn't feel beautiful. The world treated me ugly, so sometimes I thought I was ugly. I thought my body, my skin, my hands and my feet were ugly. I thought my hair was ugly. The beauty about my story is that I didn't stay there. Every day I found a way to see beauty within me.  It started with nonphysical features. My heart, my spirit, my intellect, my creativity, my optimism, my determination, my love & my faith. Then I stared to focus on the outward things I loved about myself. It was my smile, my eyes, my dark skin and then my hair. It's not by accident that I'm a Natural Haircare Specialist. I've always been drawn to working with natural hair. After being in this industry for over 20+ years and servicing thousands of women, I've discovered the biggest challenge with embracing natural hair is mindset & accepting who they are naturally.  

 I want women to feel empowered through affirmations, elevated beauty experiences and positive lifestyle changes.


I pray this devotional blesses every woman who reads it. Giving them the vision, strength and inspiration to love themselves fully. 


 Get your copy now and start your journey towards a more confident and radiant you!

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