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Are Your Ready to Transform Your Curly Experience?

Yes, TRANSFORM your salon experience for clients with curly hair!    

Creating a salon environment that makes your clients feel relaxed & comfortable .

Offering transformational services that enhance you & your client’s mindset, energy, hair & overall wellbeing.

Less stress in your day because you’re offering services that bring you joy & fulfillment🙏🏾

I’m talking about...... elevating your curl services so your clients feel valued & celebrated!


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  Welcome to Black Salon Culture Elevated


Tracey Dabney, Owner & Haircare Specialist at Dabney & Company “Where Hair Meets Therapy” ™️. My mission is to provide  healing, therapeutic & elevating salon experiences for women with natural hair.  

My clients experience inspiration, relaxation & beautification at every visit because of my unique approach to beauty services. I use mediation, aromatherapy, and healthy hair techniques that  create an unmatched guest experience.

I have created  The Art of a Perfect Consultation  to build trust & increase my customer satisfaction.  Now, I'm ready to share my mastery with other beauty professionals. My classes will help you learn & grow as a natural haircare specialist. Learn More about upcoming classes. 


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I am always in love with the color and service you provide. This is the healthiest my hair has ever been especially with color . I can wear it curly & straight without damage to my natural curls.

This is the best my natural curls have ever looked.  This color really compliments my skin tone. Also, I enjoyed the 1 on 1 service and your TATS aromatherapy experience.  I absolutely LOVE my hair. ❤️ I get compliments all the time.

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It’s simple when you treat “YOUR” hair like you love it, It will flourish in ways YOU thought were impossible!

Learn how  to build trust & "WOW" your potential new clients with your first impression-The Consultation!


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