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Black Salon Culture Elevated, BSCE

Are Your Ready to Transform Your Business?

Yes, TRANSFORM your salon experience for clients with curly hair!    

Creating a salon environment that makes your clients feel relaxed & comfortable.

Offering services that will enhance you & your client’s mindset, energy, hair & overall wellbeing.

Less stress in your day because you’re offering services that bring you joy & fulfillment.

I’m talking about...... elevating your curl services so that your clients feel TRANSFORMED!

Mood after TATS

This is the result of stimulating HER SENSES, cleansing away the impurities in her hair,  inspiring her to be intentional with her curl care, educating about the best practices and products for her hair ,releasing her inhibitions and unlocking her freedom by helping her embrace all of who she is, NATURALLY! Learn more about TATS

For 1 on 1 coaching and group classes click here

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  Welcome to Black Salon Culture Elevated


Tracey Dabney, Owner & Haircare Specialist at Dabney & Company “Where Hair Meets Therapy” ™️.


My mission is to provide healing, therapeutic & elevating salon experiences for women with natural hair.  My clients experience inspiration, relaxation & beautification at every visit because of my unique approach to beauty services. My signature service is called TATS, Tracey's Aromatherapy Treatment Service. TATS is a way for me to tap into my client's energy, shift the atmosphere while nourishing their natural hair with all the nutrients it needs to thrive.   I use mediation, aromatherapy, and healthy hair techniques that create an unmatched guest experience.

I have created a 10-week group coaching program  that will empower your salon with the tools to create a fulfilling career.   You'll learn how to reshape your mindset, learn meditation practices, and get clear about your mission so you can serve on a next level.

You will leave this course having more harmony and balance in your business, experience a more fulfilling career, build the confidence to charge your worth, have more natural hair guests and increase your revenue.

The Coaching Program is executed in 3 STAGES

STAGE ONE: Mindset, Mediation & Mission

 We reshape your mindset using affirmations & meditation to help you clarify your mission. This will help you turn that dream business into your reality.

STAGE TWO: The Art of Experience &Consultations

In stage two, you will learn how to Set the Atmosphere to make your clients feel right at home as soon as they connect with you. They will feel like your salon is their home. You will learn how to Build Trust which creates loyalty, increase rebooking & referrals.  Your First Impression will create an unforgettable guest experience with you pretending to be someone you're not. Finally, you'll learn how to elevate your business by creating an atmosphere of transformation through the Art of Aromatherapy & The Art of Perfect Consultation. I believe life is a painting. Our ideas, our creativity, our love, our light, our pain and passions paint a vividly accurate picture of all that we are, even in our business! In this stage, you will learn the art of it all and how to use everything you learn to create an AMAZING experience for your guests.  

STAGE THREE: Natural Haircare & Texture Training

This stage will start will the foundation to ALL Natural Hair Textures, Densities & Curl Patterns. It will bring awareness to the behavior, characteristics & language used when servicing naturally curly hair while helping you learn the best product to achieve great results. Also, you'll learn styling, cutting & specialty techniques that will help you become a Curl Specialist.

BONUS: Branding & Attracting Your Target Market 

I want you to tell your story. This will connect your brand to your marketing, attract your dream clients without discount and sales while creating a deep desire for clients wanting to be a VIP to your experience. We will create a Brand Story that speaks for you as soon as they click on your website or social media, reach out in an email or step into your salon.  You will be able to increase your guest retention with spending thousands of dollars on marketing. 

To learn more about BSCE Group Coaching Program click here.  

Let's ELEVATE Together


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