Frequently asked questions

New Clients

Do I need to book a Consualtion before my hair service?

Yes, All New Clients Must Book a Consultation before any hair services. No Exceptions

I'm not a New Client but I havent been to the salon in over one year, what service should I book?

Consultation. Your needs, style expecatation , time, scheduling & prices may have changed so you must book a consulation before any hair service, if it's been over 1 year since your last visit.

Can I book my own first hair appointment?

No, New clients must book a consultation first & during that time your stylist will schedule your first hair appointment. There's a possiblilty that you may book the wrong service(s) so it's best to let your stylist schedule you according to your needs & our availabilty to insure we can execute your desired look.

Can I schedule a Consultation & Hair Appointment in the same day?

No. The consultation is the time to dicuss your hair condition, goals, lifestyle , budget, haircare regimen etc. During that time we create a plan , quote pricing, time & schedule a follow up appointment so we can fully & properly prepare for your upcomimg visit to maximize your results. The salon will schedule your 1st hair appointment only. All follow up appointments can be booked online.

Does the cost of the consultation go towards my visit?

No, if you're consulting for Color or Keratin services. Yes, if your consultation is for Bellami Luxury Extension services


How to book?

All appointments are booked online. Please click the service tab to be re-directed to our online booking site.

Waiting List & Emergency  Appts -

Please Call or click the BOOK tab to request an emergency appointment. We'll try our best to accomodate you.

Are services bundled or Ala Carte?

Currently, services are bundled but there are some ala carte services that can be added to the bundle. Please read the description for each service to make sure you're booking properly & add what's needed at the time of booking

Why am I unable to book?

Currently, Our schedule is only open for 30 days at a time. If you click the booking tab and you don't see any available times that means our schedule is FULLY BOOKED. Add your name to our Waiting List to be contacted with new openings. On Desktop: Click Book Tab On Mobile Site: Click (+) next to Book Tab

What if I need an appointment further than 30 days out?

Use the Waiting list option to send your desired date & time and we will try our best to accomodate you.

What service should I book for Color?

All Color permant color services are booked under Transform Me. This includes Full Color, Highlights ,Low Lights, Ombre, Balayage,etc. For Semi & Demi color schedule Revive Me New Clients, Schedule Color Consultation.

What service should I book for Extensions?

Current Clients, should schedule all extension services under Transform Me. Usually, we discuss the plan for your upcoming visit at your last visit but you're if sure how to book correctly contact the salon. Its also a good idea to connect with the salon prior to booking for accurate pricing, time, maintenance & after/home care. New Clients, schedule Luxury Extension Consultation

What service should I book for a Keratin Treatment?

ALL Keratin Treatments are booked under Transform Me. If you're a New Client, Schedule a Color/Keratin Consultation



Tips aren't included in the service but they're welcomed.

Forms of a payment?

Cash is preferred but we do accept all major credit & debit cards with a 2.75% conveninece fee. (Ex: Service $200 + Fee $5.50 = $205.50)

Do I need to have a credit card on file if I'm paying with cash?

Yes, the credit card on file is used as payment for services, late fees, last minute reschedules & no-shows. You can choose to use a different credit card at your visit or pay cash but there must be a vlalid credit card of file for online booking.


Children & Extra Guest -

My space is very intimate so NO EXTRA GUEST OR CHILDEREN PERMITTED. I only service childen 16 & Up

Is there a fee if I cancel my appointment?

We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 48 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you may be charged a cancellation fee (50% of schedule service cost). Ex: Your appt is schedule for 10 am on Friday, to avoid a late cancelation fee you must cancel/ rescheule before 10 am on Wednesday.

What is the fee for late cancelations/reschedules?

50% of your scheduled service. Ex: Your Renew Me is $150, your late cancelation fee is $75

Current Client