Frequently asked questions

What's a Standing Appointment?

A standing appointment is best described as a pre-set series of dates with your hairstylist. The frequency of those dates can vary depending on the condition of your hair, hair goals, budget, client & stylist availability. These appointments can be scheduled for bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. When you have a Standing Appointment there's no need to search online to book your time because your appointments are pre-scheduled.

What time is my Standing Appointment?

It's the same time at every visit. Unless, it has been adjusted by the client or stylist not less than 24 hours before service start time. (Ex. Every 3 weeks Wednesday at 7:30 pm)

When will my Standing Appointments start?

Upon approval, your frequency is then scheduled in our system for the agreed amount of time. Minimal requirement of one year to begin your series.

How do I request my Standing Appointment?

Click the BOOK tab at the top of the page that then click "Request Standing Appointment. This is where you request to be added to the waiting list. Be sure to include your desired appointment day of the week, time & frequency. If you're a new client you must schedule a consultation first.

How do I pay for my Standing Appointment?

Your services are paid for after each visit. All standing appointments must have a valid credit card on file at all times to cover late cancelations , no show fees & for faster check out. However, you do have the options to use cash, debit or credit to pay for your services.

How to book?

All appointments are booked online. Please click the service tab to be re directed to our online booking site.

Emergency Appts -

Please Call or click the BOOK tab to request an emergency appointment. We'll try our best to accomodate you.


Tips aren't included in the service but they're welcomed.

Are service bundles or Ale Carte?

Most services are Ale Carte but the ones that are bundled will appear in the description.

Forms of a payment?

Cash is preferred but we do accept all major credit cards with a 2.75% conveninece fee.

Children & Extra Guest -

My space is very intimate so NO EXTRA GUEST OR CHILDEREN PERMITTED. I only service childen 10+