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About BSCE Coaching Program


Welcome to your beauty concierge where we elevate our minds, elevate our craft & elevate our career by offering transformational salon experiences. You didn’t find me on accident. You see I’ve been praying for divine connections and GOD sent you here. He wants you to know there's a better way to serve without sacrificing your body, integrity, spirituality & boundaries all the time. I believe everyone needs this program, but it’s not created for just anyone. 

Are you a Salon Owner who wants to........ 
Offer Transformational experiences?
Make an impact in your client's lives with just one elevated service?
Empower yourself and your stylists with education to help them excel in their niche?
Create a salon culture that serve with honesty, integrity & compassion?

Who is BSCE Coaching for?

You've contemplated giving up on your dreams and your business because you feel overwhelmed. You believe there are better ways to serve your clients but you're unsure how.

You're ready to put in the work, willing to advance your skills so that you can unlock your next level in business, but all the education is the same and doesn't speak "directly to you" so you never invest.

This course is for you if:

✅You’re a commission-based salon owner or suite stylist.
✅You’re ready to create harmony in your work life balance.
✅You’re ready to learn positive & effective communication that will enhance every area of your life.
✅You’re passionate about elevating your salon experience.
✅You want diversity in your salon services.
✅You want your salon to thrive in unimaginable ways.
✅You want to provide an upscale experience that attracts high ticket clients looking for a luxury experience.
✅You want a business that inspires clients to invest in self-care services vs just paying for a style.
✅You want to offer transformational services that encourage women to embrace their curls.
✅You have a deep desire to change your business by changing your mindset, mission & career.
✅ You’re ready to reignite your passion & purpose that is crumbling because of overwhelm
✅ You’re ready to advance your salon culture by empowering your salon with education to care for ALL textures.

Who is this course not for?

🚫For Cosmetology students or Booth Renters
🚫Lazy, Pessimist, Chronic Complainers, or Close-minded individuals
🚫Someone not willing to invest in themselves to learn new techniques, products & services
🚫 Someone not willing to do the work it takes to see the results of my methodology in this program
🚫Someone looking to get “rich quick” and doing it JUST to earn more money but not provide exceptional services-OVERCHARGING & underdelivering.

 This program is a commitment of emotional, mental, spiritual physical & financial resources. It will require your time, focus, sacrifice to get the best results. I'm curating a high-level learning experience with professional support that will help you elevated your business.

Are you ready to invest in your education?

What's included in the program?

1.Digital Workbook 2.Skill Assessment 3.Weekly Affirmations & Meditation Sessions 4.Learn how to reshape your Mindset 5.How to create an atmosphere for Transformation using aromatherapy 6.Learn how to Build Trust which creates loyalty, increase rebooking & referrals 7.Identifying & Maximizing Your Niche 8.2 Live Demos of natural haircare 9.5-10 Videos of Natural Hair care cleanse, condition, style & curly cut 10.Create Vision & Mission Statement 11.Understanding & creating you brand story 12.Sample Email Marketing Scripts 13.Downloadable eBook & PDF Materials 14.Complete Assessment 15.VIP Referral Stylist List

What your new life could possibly look like after this program?

As a stylist who chooses to invest in BSCE you will have the tools to provide a therapeutic, elevated & transformative salon experience tailored to curly textures. This course will enhance your daily life because you’re learning to connect with yourself & your clients on a deeper level. Helping them feel powerful & beautiful changes the world, one client at time. This course will elevate your guest experience where clients feel a need to schedule this service as part of their self-care. You become an essential part of their well-being, which increase your customer retention & income. This creates limitless potential for you & your clients. You will have the freedom to service your “dream” clients, work your “dream” schedule, make your “dream” income, and take your “dream” vacation. You can live “YOUR DREAMS”

The Coaching Program is executed in 3 STAGES

STAGE ONE: Mindset, Meditation & Mission
We reshape your mindset using affirmations & meditation to help you clarify your mission. This will help you turn that dream business into your reality.

STAGE TWO: The Art of Experience & Consultations
In stage two, you will learn how to Set the Atmosphere to make your clients feel right at home as soon as they connect with you. They will feel like your salon is their home. You will learn how to Build Trust which creates loyalty, increase rebooking & referrals. Your "first impression" will create an unforgettable guest experience without you pretending to be someone you're not. Finally, you'll learn how to elevate your business by creating an atmosphere of transformation through the Art of Aromatherapy & The Art of Perfect Consultation. I believe life is a painting. Our ideas, our creativity, our love, our light, our pain and passions paint a vividly accurate picture of all that we are, even in our business! In this stage, you will learn the art of it ALL and how to use everything you learn to create an AMAZING experience for your guests. 

STAGE THREE: Natural Haircare & Texture Training
This stage will start will the foundation to ALL-Natural Hair- Textures, Densities & Curl Patterns. It will bring awareness to the behavior, characteristics & language used when servicing naturally curly hair while helping you learn the best products to achieve great results. Also, you'll learn styling, cutting & specialty techniques that will help you become a Curl Specialist.

Class Register: Now- February 26, 2024
Class Time: 6pm CT
Class Day: Every Monday
Class Location: On-line Zoom
Class Duration: 1 Hour + 30-minute Q & A after class
Course Duration 10-weeks March 4th- March 6, 2024

Whats Next?

1. Enroll to join the program

 This link will lead you to the Square, my Payment Processing System. This will reserve your spot in class.  You'll receive an email notification after your payment has been processed. I'll receive the notice that you paid. 

2. Look out for my Welcome email
Please use the same email address you use for Square so I can link your email to the membership site. The email will be sent  with 24-48 hours confirming your payment, reserving your spot and detailed instructions about what's next. I hope to see your name on to list because I want us to ELEVATE together.


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