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Classes & Courses

Black Salon Culture Elevated 10 Week Coaching Program


This 10-week Coaching Program will help you learn how to create a more fulfilling career by reshaping your mindset, meditation & mission. You'll discover what services bring you the most joy & offer transformational salon experience to all textures. The foundational principles of this program will teach you how to trust yourself in business with complete confidence. Together we will uncover powerful mission so that you can build trust with your dream clients through "perfect" consultations & effective communication. The practical portion of this course will give you the foundational & informational training to services all curly texture, confidently. BSCE will inspire you to master your skills to stand out in a crowded industry and offer service that truly transform your guest experience from average to life changing.

The Art of Surface Curls - ebook


Black Salon Culture Elevated, BSCE is created to cultivate stylist with the tools to provide a therapeutic, elevated & transformative salon experience tailored to curly textures. Our education principles on textures, color, aromatherapy, meditation & business practices will help stylist masterfully assist curly textured women elevate their life. Surface Believes That Nature Provides the Best Ingredients for Hair Care & Skin Care. I stand with them in that belief! This class will focus on Surface Curls Collection. You will learn: How to use Surface Curls When to use Surface Curls Benefits of Surface Curls How to introduce a new product My Top 10 Surface retail products
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