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This service was created to connect, consult & create a sustainable hair journey on the road to healthy hair. This consultation is done virtually via Zoom. We will discuss potential styles, hair/scalp conditions, assess personal style, budget, recommended service(s), future salon visits, maintenance & more. For best results your hair needs to be fully accessible (no weave or braids).

You will leave this consultation knowing your texture, density, porosity ,curl pattern & hair condition. I’ll give you actionable steps that you can apply to your routine immediately which will improve the health of your hair. Once the consultation fee is paid you’ll receive confirmation of your appointment by email.

Dabney & Company Virtual Consultation

SKU: 671253175371
  • This is not a physical product so this product won’t be shipped to you. Please use code: freeship to deduct the $9.99 shipping fir this purchase

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